Saturday, July 28, 2012

Finished Paintings!

Well I managed to finish my painting of the Trail through the Birch. It took me a few days after I stopped painting on it to decide if I was really finished. While I was deciding on the completion of this painting I took the opportunity to experiment with the linen canvases I had purchased a while back. These are just one idea that I had and I'm pretty happy with how they turned out. There are two and they are views of the horizon in southern Alaska.

I really like the texture and color of the linen so I wanted to do something that would utilize it while also letting the paint colors pop. They started out a little more fluid but I added a little more detail. I still have a few more of these canvases so I'm not sure how similar my next work on them will be to these. I still have a lot more work to do in order to be ready for the show in October. I also have entered in some other shows and will hear if I have been accepted soon. Which would be really exciting, but would also mean I have a lot more work to do...

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