Tuesday, October 11, 2011

New listings on Etsy

I have completed a few new paintings and have listed them on etsy. I also am experimenting with different ways to market my paintings. I am playing around with some different techniques in jewelry making and have made a few pendants or ornaments with images of some of my paintings. I'm seeing what works and practicing techniques. I'm pretty excited about them though.
I tried two different techniques, one I took microscope glass and printed images on cardstock and sandwiched them into the metal frames then wrapped a little foil tape on the sides to cover the joins. The second technique is an image printed on canvas then mod podged and placed inside the little metal pendant with liquid glass over the top. I'm still working on how much of the materials to use or whether to switch to different kinds. We'll see how it goes... I'm putting them in my etsy shop for a lower price then I plan to sell them in the future but because these are "experimental" I'm interested in getting feedback on them and more practice! Thanks for looking!

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